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Fundamental performing at the Harvest House in Denton, Texas on 05.03.2015. Photo by Britney Carroll.

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Denton, Texas-based Fundamental blends collective-minded improvisational music with rhythmic forms and structures. 

The accessible yet cerebral music combines jazz, indie rock, Indian classical, and groove-oriented music. Fundamental’s releases HEMANDHERE (Armored Records, 2015) f. (self-released, 2013), Development (Armored Records, 2012) and bandcamp only release Root: Live at Rasoi (2013) make wide use of complicated rhythmic structures, odd meters and extended improvisations while managing to maintain a sense of accessibility to the average listener.

Fundamental’s origins lie in a Spring 2011 Texas tour with New York based guitarist Miles Okazaki. The band learned and performed the music of Okazaki who acted as a mentor to the young musicians (all recent graduates or current students in the world-renowned University of North Texas Jazz Studies program). After working with Okazaki, Fundamental began focusing on original compositions by guitarist Lane Garner which were developed through a sense of collective arrangement by the band. Through a great deal of performance around the Dallas – Fort Worth area this music evolved into Fundamental’s distinctive sound.

Fundamental is:

Devin Eddleman- alto saxophone

Lane Garner– guitar and compositions

Jordan Gheen– keyboards

Jonny Harmon- drums

Spenser Liszt– soprano saxophone and bass clarinet

Mike Luzecky- bass

Nick Salvucci- tenor saxophone

Matt Young– drums

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Release date: 05.05.2015/08.11.2015


Armored Records

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HEMANDHERE is a three movement suite composed by Lane Garner and performed live by Fundamental on April 6, 2014 in Denton, Texas. The suite ties together musical motives into a nearly forty-minute experience rather than trying to meet an extra-musical premise. The sounds created through complementary melodic and harmonic structures, meters, and the musicians themselves create a sense continuity. Likewise, the title HEMANDHERE has no particular meaning outside of sounds combining to a pleasing, albeit made up, word that the listener can attach any desired meaning. HEMANDHERE follows up Fundamental’s first two albums Development (Armored Records, 2012) and f. (self-released, 2013) and draws influence from many genres including contemporary jazz, Indian-classical music, hip-hop, minimalism, and indie-rock. These influences blend together to form a cohesive and unique style that is both musically complex and accessible.

Movement One. The opening fade into “Hem” gives the listener a sense of entering the performance just as it begins. As the fade peaks, the rhythm section drops out to feature an a cappella saxophone line that rhythmically strays, returns, and cadences, only to ultimately be interrupted. “In Tongues” contrasts a driving seven-eight feel with multi-meter hits. “Amancaria” features drum solos by Matt Young and Jonny Harmon as well as an aggressive tenor saxophone solo by Nick Salvucci.

Movement Two. “Eimaj” begins this movement with a laid back hip-hop tinged groove and masterfully crafted soprano saxophone solo by Spenser Liszt. This is contrasted by the Radiohead influenced “Growing Glowing Limbs” and guitar solo by Lane Garner to close the second movement.

Movement Three. The epic alto-saxophone solo by Devin Eddleman over the two multi metered sections of “Awakenica” fades into the Philip Glass inspired “Jovian Ring System.” “And Here” contrasts a seven-eight major tonality melody with complicated multi-meter hits and an angular melody. The solo section grows from bassist Mike Luzecky to tenor saxophone and finally soprano saxophone. The suite ends with a pulsating chord intended as the listener walking away from the performance.

HEMANDHERE features Lane Garner on guitar, Devin Eddleman on alto saxophone, Spenser Liszt on soprano saxophone and bass clarinet, Nick Salvucci on tenor saxophone, Mike Luzecky on bass, and Matt Young and Jonny Harmon on drums.

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Release Date: 06.12.2012

Armored Records

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fundamental development album cover


Release Date: 05.07.2013


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Liner notes and scores


Root: Live at Rasoi


Release Date: 12.16.2014

Bandcamp only release

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